DA-HelpCreator 2.6.8 published with command line export

Update from DA-HelpCreator released

Version 2.6.8 of the DA-HelpCreator is now available for download. The update is free for existing customers. New is the export of the help project via command line. This means that the DA-HelpCreator can now also be automatically integrated into a CI environment.

The update can be easily downloaded from our homepage or via the update function of the software.

How does it work?

In the program folder, there is a new exporter .exe for the export:

The exporter must have 3 parameters:

  • Path to the project
  • path to the export
  • for HTML export folder without trailing \
  • for CHM export folder + filename
  • type of export: html or chm (case sensitive)

Export HTML

Example of export as HTML page:

HelpCreatorExporter.exe "c:\_temp\project\help_daformmaker_de.helpcreator" "c:\_temp\out" html

Export CHM

HelpCreatorExporter.exe "c:\_temp\project\help_daformmaker_de.helpcreator" "c:\_temp\out\help.chm" chm

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