Extract and import CHM files into DA-HelpCreator

Extract CHM files and import them into DA-HelpCreator

CHM files can now be imported into DA-HelpCreator with a free tool.

CHM files can easily be broken down again into individual HTML files, the content file, graphics and other files. The result is a lot of HTML files, which are more or less sorted as files, depending on the kind of creation and the internal structure of the project.


Therefore, we wrote the tool CHMImporter, which tries to convert the CHM file into a DA-HelpCreator project. The CHM file is unpacked, the table of contents is read and analyzed. Then the tool tries to copy the single HTML files into the correct directories, the used graphics are determined and also copied. Then an analysis of the links between the files takes place. If possible, the links are reset and corrected. The HTML code is made compatible for the DA-HelpCreator.

However, there are some limitations in the first version. Only files that appear in the table of contents of the CHM file are considered. HTML files without such a reference have to be copied manually. The re-linking of the hyperlinks should also be checked. Some formats may look different due to the bootstrap design of DA-HelpCreator. The same applies to the order of the table of contents, here a manual correction is necessary.

After the export the project can be opened in DA-HelpCreator. The aim is to save as much work as possible when importing CHM files. Since the internal structure of CHM files is very different, problems can occur here and there. In such cases you can contact us via our contact form. Nevertheless, this tool is offered here without any guarantee of function.


First download the ZIP archive and unzip it. In this file you will find an executable file, start it:

A CHM file must first be opened:

The table of contents should then be selected. If umlauts are not displayed correctly, it may help to change the encoding.

Now click on the Export button. If no target directory has been selected, the appropriate dialog appears for selection.

That’s it, the export now takes place and afterwards the target directory is opened. Here you will find the project file for the DA-HelpCreator. A double-click opens the project.

Questions or problems?

If you have any questions or problems you can simply contact us.

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